My name is John Feld, and I live in Berkeley, California..

I have been widely involved in many areas of graphics, from being a graphic designer and owner of a large photographic studio, graphics trainer, and system integrator of graphics software and networks to managing the creative concept and development of graphic software. I have worked at Scitex, MetaCreations, UCLA and Live 365 and has taught at many corporations and major movie studios, recording companies, and advertising agencies. I started teaching computer graphics with PageMaker 1.0 and the earliest versions of QuarkXPress running a Quark Authorized Training Center, and have since taught on the Windows, Unix, and Macintosh platforms. I co-founded the Adobe User Group in Los Angeles and the Digital Prepress Committee for the Southern California Printing Industries of America where I helped create the first industry standards for digital graphics in the printing industry. At UCLA, I created, designed, and taught the Digital Prepress curricula. Additionally, I have lectured and taught at national graphic and computer conferences, including AIGA, Comdex, Seybold, MacWord and E3 and has been active in developing on-line communities.

I wrote for a variety of publications and was editor and publisher of both PC Graphics Report and The Graphics Report.

Presently, I am a head of the department of marketing design at Sessions College for Professional Design, an on-line university and art school.

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