Should you go to Lion?

If you are considering using the new Lion OS and you also use Creative Suite applications, you should read this post from Adobe:

Seems like most things are working OK, but the Apple Adobe battle over Flash may drag on and on. Now you have to install Flash manually.

There is no Rosetta in the new operating software, so if you have any legacy applications that depend on Rosetta to run, (such as Quicken 2007, some versions of FileMaker and Office 2004) you will need to stay on Snow Leopard. To find out if your important applications are running through Rosetta have them open and then open Activity Monitor. In the column called “Kind” you will see them listed as Intel or PowerPC. The Intel ones will work fine, PowerPC ones will not.

Apparently InDesign works fine.

But I am waiting awhile.


Update July 24:
Another app beloved by graphic designers, that will not work: Extensis Suitcase Fusion
Preps (Kodak’s imposition software)
Mactheripper (DVD ripping software)
EFax Messenger
Avid Media Composer
Avid ProTools
1Password safari extension
Dropbox ( afix is reported, but I don’t use Dropbox anymore, so I can’t be sure)
Logic Pro Studio
Some versions of iPhoto (9.1.1)!!
Bar Code Pro
Canon EOS Utility

I have listed the graphics related software (and some others that I use) but to get a better list check out Roaring Apps

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